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Bills Final Roster Cuts

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Well, I have to admit, I am definitely surprised. Not that I didn’t expect to be, but I am surprised at how I was surprised. Never would I have expected the Bills to cut one of the remaining QBs. Even thought Craig Nall was definitely going to be #3… he was certain to make the team.

But he didn’t.

Nor did Shaud Williams, Mike Schneck and Terrence Pennington. All played pretty big roles in the 2006 Buffalo Bills team. Brad Cieslak is another relatively familiar name. Two rookies also did not make the cut, Derek Schoman and C.J. Ah You. Both of those guys will likely be signed to the practice squad, however, assuming they are not picked up by another team before tomorrow.

Nall is the most surprising because he did not play poorly. And, you just keep three QBs. Apparently the Bills are either needing to gamble, or are happy with their emergency backup, should Losman and Nall both go down.

Notable players who made the team include RB Fred Jackson, who had a fantastic – nearly perfect! – pre-season, as well as S George Wilson, who was converted from WR after barely missing the cut last season. Also new to the team, TE Matt Murphy, S John Wendling (rookie from Wyoming), and OL Kirk Chambers. Chambers apparently beat out Terrance Pennington, who started for the Bills the last half of last season.

There are always surprises, so I’m not sure why I am surprised… but I am definitely surprised.

Stay tuned for this week’s BBR. We’ll talk about the players who did and didn’t make the team, and lots more!