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Buffalo Bills Review: The Show By Bills Fans, For Bills Fans.
If you would, please allow me a moment to extend an invitation to you. I promise it will be (fairly) short, and it won’t hurt a bit. 🙂

You’ve probably noticed that the title of this blog is the “Buffalo Bills Review”. That is because I was invited to share my written thoughts with Bills fans here on the message boards, in a way, “representing” the show by the same name.

Buffalo Bills Review is a podcast that I started with two other long-time Bills fans in 2005, when iTunes made it very easy to make (and more importantly perhaps , access) podcasts. There were not any Buffalo Bills podcasts at the time, and so I figured… I’d just do one!

We have stayed true to our “slogan”. We are a fan-driven show. We hear from avid Bills fans around the globe, both audio and e-mails (and even website comments), and work those comments into the show. We are not a Bills news show, nor do we claim to be experts. We hope the show is just like a conversation you’d overhear at a local sports bar about the game that just was.

In fact, just after the show came out, we were featured in Sports Illustrated as a recommended sports podcast. The article referred to the Buffalo Bills Review as an “hour long interplay among three die-hard Bills fans, and sounds like a conversation you’d overhear – and want to join – while eating wings at the Anchor Bar. Great analysis.”

Thanks, SI! 🙂

During the year we do shows weekly, and have tried to do bonus shows where we do an in-depth interview with former Bills players… a sort of “Where Are They Now” feature. These have been just great!!! First we did a show with Don Beebe, and then Darryl Talley, Frank Reich, and last year we did a shorter interview with Steve Tasker. Fantastic stuff for Bills fans of all ages!

Well, we have our final “off-season” show coming up this weekend. Recording on Sunday evening. We’ll do a draft review show, and we’d love to hear from Buffalo Bills Message Boards folks! We’d love to hear from more Bills fans on what you thought of the draft, and the upcoming Bills season! You can either leave a comment here (I’ll use some comments from the previous article I posted here as well) or you can contact us at the following places:

Voicemail: (716) 989-4180

Participation is invited and encouraged. Do remember though… the shorter the better. 🙂

So, I’d encourage you to sign up for the podcast. You can do that through iTunes, or just use the RSS feed links right on our home page. Please do check out the website, and search the archives for those special episodes featuring the former Bills. (They are directly linked down the right sidebar … just scroll down a bit.)

Great stuff.

Thanks for your time, and I do hope you’ll join us for the upcoming season of the Buffalo Bills Review!

The show by Bills fans, for Bills fans!