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Every Bills fan on the planet went to bed last night rehearsing the “what if’s…” of last nights pathetic loss to the Dallas Cowboys. As we tossed and turned, we thought what if we actually played a tight man to man with 7 seconds left in the game taking away the quick sideline pass instead of playing a soft prevent defense… What if Terrence McGee could actually catch a football… What if our offense could actually score points… There are so many “what if’s…”

Honestly, I am sick of watching a Bills game and walking away thinking what if… what if… The Cowboys had their share of “what if’s…” lots of turnovers, dropped passes by TO but somehow they made it count when it mattered.

I ask myself why is this Bill’s team unable to finish a game? All last year we watched them give games away and now this year against Denver and Dallas we lose to teams who just execute better down the stretch. What is going on?

We can offer excuses all day long. There are lots of injuries on this team. It seems the starting Free Safety position is cursed. Even with all our injuries our defense is making plays. We are forcing turnovers. We owned Romo for 58 minutes. Excuses will never produce a winning atmosphere, so lets not even go any further. We have great players who play hard.

What we do not have in Buffalo is a coaching staff that knows how to win. This is the NFL everyone has talent (yes some more than others, but everyone has talent). The difference in the Dallas game last night I think is coaching. While Dick Jauron is a nice guy he is not a winner. I am sure he wants to win. He just is not very good at it.

The last thing I want is another coaching change, but unfortunately that is exactly what is needed. I would love to see the Bills bring in a winner like Marty Schottenheimer. He may not have a great playoff record, but at least his teams get there. We need someone to bring an attitude of winning. I do not see that attitude from our coaching staff.

While a change may be needed I don’t think it will happen. Let me tell you why the Bills will not change coaches this year. First, Dick gets a pass because of all the injuries. I think management is to nice and Dick is so cheap they will give him another year. Second, bringing in a big name coach will cost lots of money. The President does not want to spend money on a big name coach. Finally, I think Marv does not want to upset the fruit basket. He wants to bring some consistency to this team, and Dick is his man.

The rest of the year will probably be filled with lots more Denver and Dallas moments. What if… What if…