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Go Bills!

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I just noticed that it’s been three days since my last post! (Not really, but by the calendar days here, it looks like that!) That’s crazy! Didn’t really take a vacation, just been writing elsewhere. It’s Buffalo Bills season! So, in addition to my article following Friday night’s game, I’ve been spending a little time chatting with fellow Bills fans on the Buffalo Bills forums. (As well as some other forums – here, and here.)

Tomorrow night (um… tonight, if you’re going by the date posted…) we’ll be heading up to St John Fisher College with the boys to go to the Bills’ night practice! Never been to one of those. I hear they are a blast. Some more “real” action than the daytime practices. A bit more for the fans.

Then Friday night we’ll see our first live action of the season. We’ll be in attendance (with our boys again!) at Ralph Wilson Stadium for the Bills/Falcons game! It’s just pre-season… so, definitely not the same as regular season. But you try telling that to our five and eight year old boys. 😉 I’m sure they’ll be having “regular season” fun!

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Go Bills!