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Greg’s Big Announcement

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As you have heard by now on Show 5.03, Greg has announced his retirement from the Buffalo Bills Review. After four fun years of talking Bills football, he is laying down the microphone.

Here is the statement he read on the final show (minus a few ad libs…)

To the BBR listening (and participating) audience.

In August of 2005 I had a fun idea, pitched it to my brother in law (Uncle Josh, for those who have been with us that long) and later to The Drake… and thus was born Buffalo Bills Review. Seemed like a fun idea, even if no one would listen.

Well, we were wrong. In the first couple weeks we started getting emails. People loved the show. We had well over a hundred people downloading our shows… Sports Illustrated even featured us as one of four podcasts worth listening to!

It’s taken off from there… we have met up for two years at Bills game (the BBR game!) … we’ve had listeners from all over the world participating in the show. We’ve had lots of great current and former Buffalo Bills join us on the show since that first year. We’ve had fun Bills fans like the president of VH1 on the show (Hey, Tom…)

We’ve had J.P. Losman. Nuff said. 🙂

But in this coming season, Season 5 of the Buffalo Bills Review – four full years after we recorded the first show… we will not have me.

Effective immediately, I’m laying down my microphone, and will no longer be hosting this #1 Bills show on the internet. I may keep writing articles (not sure yet) but I will no longer be doing the show, at the mic, or in the mixing/engineering/podcast/website running duties.

The show may continue. We are not shutting down BBR just yet. That’s not set at the moment, so we won’t go into any detail there. We’ll make any pertinent announcements via the BBR website (or Facebook page).

I would like to say thanks. Thanks for listening. For contributing. For having fun with me, with us. Thanks to my co-hosts over the years. Thanks much to our special guests. I’ve had a blast – and if I had the time to give to it, I’d certainly continue. But my growing family needs me (and I need them) 🙂 So, with regret (but knowing it’s the best thing to do…) I lay my microphone down.

Can’t wait for this Bills season… as with every Bills season! I’m a big Bills fan, and will continue to be!

BBR will take it’s normal off-season break – post-draft to training camp. We’ll see how it comes out on the other side. For now… for me…

Thanks, goodbye, and Go Bills!