He’s Baaaack!

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Peerless Price is a Buffalo Bill again! The WR agreed to terms on a new contract with the team, rejoining the Bills’ new Offensive Coordinator, Steve Fairchild. Fairchild was with the Bills for Price’s last year with the Bills, when he had his biggest NFL season. In 2002, Price pulled in 94 catches for 1252 yards and 9 touchdowns, all of those are career highs.

Price was cut before the start of the 2005 season by the Atlanta Falcons, and later lst year joined the Dallas Cowboys, and his old QB partner, Drew Bledsoe. Peerless never really fit in there, either, and found himself on the Free Agent list here in 2006.

With Moulds moving on to Houston, the Bills were looking for some veteran help at WR, and think they have found that in Price. Fairchild was an offensive assistant in 2002, and is excited to have Price back in his receiver corps.

This is an interesting pattern developing at One Bills Drive. First the team brough back Marv Levy to head up the team. Then a few coaches (like Fairchild) who have had tenures with the Bills prior to this season. Now they have re-signed Peerless Price. In a recent article, former QB Jim Kelly spoke of taking a more official role with the team in the coming season.

Perhaps we’ll see Jim returning to QB this season? That would put an end to the supposed controversy. He can’t be older than Vinny Testeverde, or Brad Johnson, who started again last year for their former teams. Put #12 back at the helm, maybe bring back WR Don Beebe. He says he can still outrun all of the players where he coaches high school football. Darryl Talley was looking for a coaching job. Perhaps the Bills could hire him.

Not sure where this will all lead, but in the end, I do believe Price is a good addition to the team. Assuming a similar scheme to when he was here (modified for whomever may be our starting QB) and that he can play at or near the level he was at in 2002, things could be looking good for the Bills on offense. The move is likely good from a fan perspective, since Price was a popular player, and will be remembered for the great season he had with the Bills.

Let’s hope all of these great Bills of the past can pick up where they left off, and maybe we’ll even see the playoffs come January?

That would be priceless. Or, would it be “peerless”?

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