I Hate It When I Am Right :)

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It is time for all you JP lovers to go back to season 1 of the BBR and listen to my comments on JP…

My question: Can we stick a fork in this guy and call him done?

Personally, I think JP should bench himself. He put himself on notice this week and performed horribly. Again no one on this team played well (except A-Train and Roscoe), but that does not take JP off the hook. From the int’s, bad throws to wide open receivers, and the fumble JP better be done in Buffalo. I was fine with throwing the NE game away, but not the Jags game. Against a playoff bound team JP needed to shine or at least not lose the game. His turnovers costed us dearly…

10-21 that is JP’s record in Buffalo. Throw away every other stat. The only one that matters is wins and losses. Enough said.