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As you know, the Buffalo Bills Review is not done by professional media, who are supported by major ad revenue and large corporate sponsors. We’re just Bills fans, doing a Bills fan show. Glad to have you aboard.

In the past, we have offered you the opportunity to make a donation to the show, to help us cover our costs. Many thanks to those of you who have helped us out in that way. You can still do that, if you’d like. We have three buttons: montly donation, annual donation, and a one-time donation. Anything is certainly appreciated.

But we have a ton of new ways you can support the show, and none of them involve you giving up MORE money out of your pocket. πŸ™‚

There are many different services for which BBR is an affiliate. From the popular Netflix, to, to a quite relevant… you use these services, and BBR is paid a commission – on something you were already going to buy! Definite win-win.

The ads run down the right side of our pages. Scroll down (or up?) and check them out right now. Good stuff!

They are all very useful, good services. Who doesn’t use Amazon?!! So if you’ll remember to click through those ads as much as possible, you’ll be supporting the Buffalo Bills Review when you do!

T-Shirts Coming Soon
Due to various internet and server outages and changes, I have not been able to put together the page for ordering BBR T-shirts, but they are coming! And they will be posted here! (Probably have their own page, too, I guess…) There are Navy shirts with a small BBR logo, and Pink shirts with the full-size BBR logo. Fun stuff! A fun way to support BBR not just with the T-shirt purchase, but by wearing it, and being a living, breathing, walking around advertisement!

Spread The Word
The other way you can support the show is to spread the word. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your enemies. Well, at least friends and family. Send them the link. Put it in your e-mail signature! Put it on your website! (We’ve made it a little easier, maybe more fun, with our promote page with code for images that link back to BBR. More to come!)

Review Us!
iTunes offers you the chance to review our show… go there and leave a nice review. More review = more listeners = more fun. πŸ™‚ You can also leave reviews for us at (vote for the show right off of our home page). Any other spots? Let us know.

So many ways to help… thanks for listening to the show, and for helping us keep it going, and improve it along the way!

Go Bills!!!