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[Link] Time For Takeo To Go?

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Two posts in one day! Wow! Though, this one is more of a “flash back”…

When the Takeo talk ramped up recently, culminating in his trade to Philadelphia, I was reminded of an article I had posted here sometime mid-way through last season. I just pondered whether the Bills might consider trading him, while they could still get some value from him. Turns out I was right, and the Bills did deal Spikes.

As I was doing some “house keeping” on the ol’ blog here today, I went to check out that article, and it was interesting reading the comments from Bills fans then. Most people thought me to be quite insane to even suggest such a thing. But is that still the case? If you’ve the interest, or the time, take a look at my article from October 16th, 2006 (link disabled) and consider what the Bills ended up getting for him (and giving up? Holcomb was part of the deal, too!). Comments are certainly welcome.

I do believe it was a good move by the Bills, for the team. I am still a Takeo fan, and will be rooting him on (as well as Kelly Holcomb) in the City of Brotherly Love (though I am definitely not a big fan of the Eagles…)

Enjoy the blast from the past… but I can’t wait for the draft… and BUFFALO BILLS FOOTBALL! 🙂

(Guess I’m starting to get that “off-season itch”…) 🙂