Marv Levy Returns to Buffalo

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ORCHARD PARK, NY – In an expected announcement today, Ralph Wilson announced that former Bills coach and member of the NFL Hall of Fame, Marv Levy will be taking over the role of Vice-President of Football Operations for the Buffalo Bills. The press conference was the third in 24 hours from One Bills Drive. Wilson said yesterday that he intended to “take back the presidency (of the team)”, and he appears to be following through with some swift, early changes in this off season.

There was some speculation that Marv Levy would assume the role of General Manager for the Bills, but both Levy and Wilson emphasized that the job will be focused on football, and will be separated from the business administration, and Levy added he won’t be concerned with “fixing holes in the parking lot.”

“We’re bringing Marv back,” said Wilson, “so that he can bring a stability to the Buffalo Bills, which I am sure he can. Inject some stability to the organization, bring everybody together. He did that with his football team, they worked together as a team or else they would not have been able to do what they did.”

Levy took over the head coaching job for the Buffalo Bills mid-way through the 1986 season, and posted a 2-5 record. The team improved to 7-8 the following year, and then went 12-4 the following year, beginning a run for the Bills of six AFC East championships starting in 1988. And then of course, Levy’s Bills went to an unprecedented four-straight Super Bowls. A feat that has not been, and may never be repeated.

Wilson and Levy both were cracking jokes about their age. Ralph Wilson is 87 years young, and Levy will be 81 this year. As he introduced Levy, Wilson said, “I’m very proud to bring some youth to this organization.” Levy followed that up by saying he’s “an 80-year old rookie and looking forward to it with unbounded enthusiasm. Not just to get back into the football world, but to do it with the Buffalo Bills.”

“Our goal is not just to get back to the Super Bowl,” said Levy, “but to win it. And win it as quickly as possible.”

The move will hopefully bring a winning, team attitude to an organization that has become used to losing. As we have termed it on the Buffalo Bills Review – “Bengalitis”. Levy should bring not only enthusiasm, but aged wisdom, and a levity (pun intended) to a team that has been down for so long. Look for a rejuvinated Buffalo Bills squad in 2006.

Rejuvinated by an 80-yr-old rookie.