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Buffalo Bills Review interviews boisterous, fan-favorite, tough-guy LB Darryl Talley. Discussion of Super Bowl days, the Hall of Fame, and more.

Originally posted 11/1/2005


Record Books

When it happened yesterday, I was fairly sure that the 98-yard touchdown connection from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Terrell Owens was a Buffalo Bills record. Turns out that I was right. The record for longest touchdown pass in Buffalo Bills history now belongs to a substitute QB and a player who will likely be a Buffalo Bill for only one season! 🙂

The best part was when I read the article today at confirming that the play was indeed a record, they of course mentioned the previous record in the same sentence. Anyone want to take a guess?

Go ahead.

Kelly to Reed? Nope. Kelly to Lofton? Nope. Kelly to Beebe? Nope. How about Bledsoe to Peerless Price? Nope. Kemp to Dubenion? Nope. (Wow, you know your Bills history!)

The previous record for longest TD pass in franchise history was 95 yards and was accomplished by:

Todd Collins to Quinn Early.

So now, the top two longest plays read like this:

Longest Pass for a Touchdown:
98 – Ryan Fitzpatrick to Terrell Owens
95 – Todd Collins to Quinn Early

I’d almost guarantee you that in a few months (maybe even right now!) you could win some money with that trivia knowledge under your belt!