The Drake Evaluates Preseason Game 1

Estimated reading time: 2 minute(s)

First: The first team looked awful (on both sides), I mean down right awful… No first downs, penalties (negated first down pass from Holcomb), and an interception returned for a TD. First team D got shredded by Delhomme.

Once Carolina went to their 2nd string we started looking better. I guess our scrubs are better than their scrubs… Our scrubs forced some turnovers.

Holcomb should have been given another series or two. He looked out of rhythm. I thought the coaches called lame plays when Holcomb was in. Lets run on first and second down and make Kelly convert 3rd and longs…

Losman played inconsistent. He evaded some pressures, threw some bad balls, and one or two really nice passes. If Losman stands a chance at winning this job he needs to be consistent. I mean you are a 1st round draft pick and on a WR screen you can’t even throw the ball to the guys numbers. Once the scrubs came in Losman should have racked up HUGE numbers, he only got sacked a few times. I mean you are a first round pick!! I hope Craig Noll (sp?) gets healthy.

Gates looked really good running the ball. NO FOOT Lindell booted two 45+ yard FG’s!

SEE DICK COACH: “Dick talks like hick (at halftime). See Dick be conservative :(. See Dick lose…

Overall I give the Bills a C- in this game.

QB – F
OL – D-
RB – B+
WR – B
DL – C
LB – B
DB – C
K – A
P – B (blocked punt?, not really his fault, plus he shanked one)