The John Review – Year in Review! (Pt. 2)

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The schedule started with a divisional bang, little did we know the results of that would be a preview of our divisional standings at the end of the season. A loss to New England and New York, and a win in Miami, then New England beating New York and everybody beating Miami because Miami was terrible.

So the losses in the first four games of the year were close which gave the young team some confidence going into their toughest test so far which was the Chicago Bears. Sadly that turned into bad news bears and the Bills were dealt a blow that would take them all the way to the bye week to recover.

Coming out of their mid-season week off, the team made some changes, mixed up the offensive line and was ready to turn some heads. Sadly this was the same point in time the community decided it had better things to do, like watch hockey.

The second half of the season marched on and the Bills made some surprising improvements. Again, nobody really noticed and some of the best, most exciting games in the NFL this year were ignored by what was at one time the most passionate fanbase in the NFL. JP came of age with two minutes left in the Houston game to win on the road, Ryan Lindell kicked a game winning field goal as time expired to upset the (then) playoff bound Jacksonville Jaguars, and long time rival Miami Dolphins went home with zero points on the board after dealing the same punishment to the Patriots the week before. Sadly, the community saw none of this.

With a fringe playoff berth in hand, the Bills had to beat the red hot Tennessee Titans to have a chance at the postseason for the first time this millennium. The Bills found themselves one point down, less than a minute left, a 4th and 5 and three yards out of field goal range. Dick did the responsible thing and went for it, only to have the play fail and the Bills lose to the Titans, ending their playoff chances.

The final week of the season brought the squad to Baltimore, and nobody remembers what happened in this game. We’re all pretty sure the Bills lost making their final record 7-9.

Although at this point four teams are still playing their 2006-2007 season (which is not a misnomer for them seeing as how they are actually playing in 2007), the Bills have entered the off-season. So far it is considerably calmer than last year at this time (see previous post), as the entire front office still has all their jobs. Which is a good thing for a rebuilding team, since after you lay the foundation you can’t grow if you rip it out and lay another foundation.

The same can’t be said for some of the players. Chances are good London “second best player on the team” Fletcher-Baker and Nate “moneybags” Clements are going to be wearing different uniforms. It is the growing hope of the community that Willis “not a factor” McGahee will be wearing a different uniform next year (preferably a janitor’s uniform [no offense to any janitors reading this, since you’d have to work with him]).

McGahee’s latest “running of the mouth” has probably been his worst. According to an interview he recently did with Penthouse, he said if Toronto was to get an NFL team than the Bills should move there, “case closed.” Also, the Miami Herald reported he is being sued by a the third woman in two years for paternity. It seems McGahee is proving way too big a headache for the below average production the team gets out of him. Good job Willis.

All in all it’s been an interesting year, one that leaves most Bills fans feeling positive about the future. Now it’s time to do the responsible thing and root for the Saints. Go Saints!

P.S. Next week I’m moving to the Boston area to start a new job, if the Patriots win another Super Bowl while I’m there I don’t think I could handle it. Any tips for support?

-The John