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I was checking out our Buffalo Bills Review page at the iTunes store tonight. A few people have added some reviews of our show, which I think helps people find and decide to subscribe to the show. That’s cool, and we appreciate the comments/reviews.

But I noticed in the “bread crumb” navigation at the top that there was a new main category called “Amateur”. That’s new. One of the amazing things about iTunes for podcasters is that everything is equal. Our show is just as available as one put out by ESPN. And, it still is that way… but I wonder if they might be moving toward separating them?

Just for fun, I clicked on the Amateur tab and found out that our show is one of the Featured Podcasts! So, that’s pretty neat.

But overall, I really hope they don’t separate the “amateur” and the “professional”. I know I don’t get paid to do BBR, but man, I think it’s (at least pretty close to) professional quality? (Have a listen if you’ve never caught an episode. Good stuff… especially for Bills fans.) There are way too many super bad amateur podcasts on iTunes, so I understand the idea of separating them, but I would hope that they don’t ever completely separate them. We’ll just have to see…

But for now, we’re a featured Amateur podcast! Sweet! 🙂

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I’m an idiot. 🙂 I was the one who put us under amateur. There were subcategory options, but they were not for the producer of the podcast… rather for the content of the show … amatuer vs professional sports!


I changed it. We’ll be listed under “professional” once again… 🙂

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