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“Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ‘THE JOHN REVIEW WEEK 5’:

You are absolute idiot. Anyone can have a bad day and your comments prove that you know nothing about the game. Stop embarrassing the Bills with idiotic comments like this. Romo had a bad day and still beat us, and that is the proof of a damn good quarterback.”

-End Comment

Main Entry: me·di·o·cre
Pronunciation: “mE-dE-‘O-k&r
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle French, from Latin mediocris, from medius middle + Old Latin ocris stony mountain; akin to Latin acer sharp: of moderate quality, value, ability, or performance

I usually don’t respond to comments made by children, but after looking at my post Monday night I made a mistake. I was traveling for work, it was late and I just figured it was obvious. I guess it wasn’t, so because it was my mistake, I’d be happy to hold your hand and explain it to you and anyone else incapable of seeing big pictures.

First we need to define what makes a good QB, for argument’s sake we’ll say it’s a mix of stats, consistency, leadership, and the intangibles (meaning mostly stuff that can’t be objectively measured like the ability to perform under pressure, etc.). Now let’s look at some QBs whom pretty much everybody agrees are good.

TOM BRADY: Tom Brady suffered in the stats last year mostly due to his lack of receivers. But even then he took his team to the AFC championship game. Tom Brady is possibly one of the best QBs in the history of the game and is a for sure hall of famer. Since he hasn’t had any bad days yet this season let’s look at what could be considered the worst day of last season.

December 10, 2006. The Dolphins shut out the Pats 21-0. Brady had only completed 12/25 for 78 yds and had no TDs. The other thing he had was 0 INTs. While he did very little to help his team win, he was not mostly responsible for losing it either (it was a team effort).

Romo’s bad day saw him throw FIVE INTs, TWO were returned for touchdowns, one by a guy who was a RECIEVER on the PRACTICE SQUAD at the beginning of the season, and he lost a fumble.

Maybe it was just a bad day, but when Payton Manning has a bad day he throws one INT, a really bad day he might throw two, never five, and if it is, it’s never against the 32 ranked injury depleted defense. Maybe Romo was looking ahead to next week, thinking this week was going to be easy? Again, only something done by a mediocre QB, not an elite. That’s poor ledership.

The only way you can say Romo coming back and beating us after being down makes him a “damn good” QB and not be a moron is if you only saw the fourth quarter. I know nothing about the game? Anybody who watched the game could plainly see Romo was single-handedly the reason the Bills were even in it.

Romo was the reason for the Bills defeat? Come on, I’ve seen chimps that speak sign language make more intelligent statements than that. How about the Bill’s offense only putting up three points? Any more and that would have been the game, and if you count the field goal unit as special teams the Bill’s offense put up 0 points.

There are certain expectations of a “damn good” QB going against the 32 ranked defense missing many of its starters and playing people on their offensive practice squad. The fact that Dallas had 385 total yards versus the Bills 229 total net yards, 0 points and one turnover is even worse for Romo because with those numbers the score should not have even been close.

So where is this myth that Tony Romo is anything other than mediocre coming from? Answer, people who look at the stats on for five seconds and move on.

Romo is currently number two in passing yards with a rating of 93.9, some look at that and think that makes him a good QB. However, if you have any semblance of intelligence (i.e. you could win a chess match against a farm animal), you could see why his numbers are so inflated.

First let’s look at whom the Cowboys have played this year: the Giants (currently ranked 14), Dolphins (29), Bears (17), Rams (dead last), and Bills (28). The Cowboy’s are 21 in strength of schedule (fun fact: the Bills are tied for first with the Raiders for the toughest schedule). The two teams they have played ranking higher than the Bills are the Giants and Bears. Both teams are struggling defensively and are members of the NFC, a significantly weaker conference. Why are those two rated even as high as they are? The Giants are 22 in strength of schedule (one easier than the Cowboys) and the Bears have the second easiest schedule in the NFL.

Romo has put up monster numbers against some of the weakest defenses in the NFL, the fact that he has a decent team around him has also helped mask his mediocrity, but what happens when the pressure is on?

Granted he’s young and has not been put in a ton of high-pressure situation yet, but when he has had the opportunity to shine, he blows it more than an elite QB should.

The Bills have exposed him and the Patriots will destroy him, as they do with most mediocre QBs. Expect the Cowboys to run a lot this week.

To be fair, I’m not saying Tony Romo sucks, he doesn’t, but to put him in the same conversation as Tom Brady and Payton Manning is just plain ignorant. Yeah I actually did watch the game and am blown away that anyone who watched it could think anything else.

-The John

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Nice reply to an ignorant poster. 11 point beat down was funny, even if it was by one of our division rivals.


I totally agree man, once a year I get to cheer for the Pats and this was my week. It’s refreshing to watch a talented and well coached team once in a while. Now I get to go back to hating them. I think Tom Brady broke his single game TD record too. Romo was expetedly average, what a loser.

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