Week 2 First Impressions

Estimated reading time: 2 minute(s)

1. Yes, Bills fans we are that bad…
2. If JP continues to play this bad and especially next week we will start to hear rumblings of playing Edwards… I was really hoping JP would turn his poor play around, but alas he has not. It looked like the same guy we saw two years ago. He holds the ball to long and makes poor decisions. No Int’s, which is good but we need to see consistent play from JP.
3. Our defense has to stop teams and force 3 and outs Pittsburgh punted once. They have to help themselves. Our defense was so tired to start the 3rd quarter. These guys are going to be in great shape by the end of the season…
4. It is a shame that Lynch has to play on such a bad offensive team. All his yards he earns himself. He is not getting much help from the multi-million dollar o-line. Yes, our offense is that bad.
5. Again our offense play calling in the first half was boring. We opened up the 3rd quarter with some nice play but no one seemed to have enough juice in the tanks to keep it flowing. Note to Dick you need to start a game this way…
6. I really don’t think if we had been healthy on defense the outcome would have been any different.
7. Leonhard is on target for 16 int’s and a probowl appearance 🙂
8. Expect another blowout next week. New England will convert redzone possessions into TD’s.
9. It is going to be a long year. We may want to start lowering our expectations and start rooting for a #1 pick.