A Visit to Buffalo Bills Training Camp

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Yesterday, Dave & I got to pay a visit to St. John Fisher, along with our families, and several hundred other Bills fans! It was definitely a fun day. Hot, but fun. Training camp is not just about watching a football practice anymore! The whole Bills Store is there, as well as tons of inflatable football fun! We have four tiny people in the family who all had a fantastic day, and so did Dave’s kids (from what I could tell). 🙂 For the money ($1 to ride the public transport to get there) – you can’t beat it.

I put together a slides show (it’s a quicktime movie) of some photos from the day. You’ll see some small Bills fans in there as well. (Doug Flutie and Drew Bledsoe make an appearance or two). Even Jim Kelly. (Though he looks a bit like a 2-yr-old little girl in these photos…) We also got some autographs at the end from Roscoe Parrish (in the photo you’ll see Peerless Price and Sam Aiken… my camera battery died before I could get a photo of Scoe.)

Unfortunately, not much football to report. A bit difficult to get an accurate analysis when chasing around tiny people. But it was definitely a fun, Buffalo Bills day. Hope you get a chance to come out for one!