Takeo’s Leadership

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Got an email from Pete today at Here’s what he said:

And the point that was made about Takeo’s return can’t be made strongly enough. It seems you hear the word “leadership” attached to just about every star player in any sport these days, and it’s hard to really understand just what that means. In this case, the Bills’ official site has it on video. On the site, you’ll find a piece that the NFL Network did on the Bills, as they got ready for last season’s opener w/ the Texans. Watch parts one and two, and you’ll hear and see Takeo get the whole defense pumped up for the game just by being his own fired-up self. It’s a really motivating 9:00 piece that shows how he leads by a simple show of personality…along with the fact that he can flatten people.

I watched the two clips. They are great. And I actually forgot how much Spikes adds to the team. I did not forget what his leadership means, but I did forget what a great player he is. If he comes back completely healthy this year… that is going to be a HUGE lift to our defense. Huge.

So, visit and check out the NFL Network media section, or click the two links below to play the files in your Real player.
Clip 1
Clip 2