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Bills Game in Toronto?

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If my memory serves me correctly, the Bills played a pre-season game in Toronto during the Super Bowl years. But that was pre-season.

The Bills posted a press release this week, stating that they would like to play a regular season game in Toronto, maybe even next year (2008)! Is this a good thing? Is this a precursor to moving the team to Toronto?

Actually, I think this wouldn’t be a bad thing. The team is trying to be a “regional” team, focusing on Buffalo, Rochester, and Toronto, Canada. It’s a good marketing strategy in a small market. There are already many Canadian fans who travel to Orchard Park to attend Bills games. And from Rochester and Syracuse send their share of attendees as well.

Not sure where the NFL is on this request, but it will be interesting to see if the Bills get their wish.

Bills Want a Home Game in Toronto to Expand Ontario Fan Base (Buffalo News)