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I have been fascinated with a new website I found via an application on Facebook. It’s called The Bleacher Report, and the idea is that it’s an open source sports page. Anyone can create an account and contribute, and anyone can modify existing articles. These modifications can be just correcting grammar, spelling, typos, or even incorrect facts. Some of the articles I have posted there have actually been considerably re-worded, but in a good way. It’s like having an editor for free! (And if I want to change anything, I can always go back and change it.)

Stop by for a visit, create an account if you’re into sports of all sorts… and comment, edit, revise, or start your own sports column! 🙂

One of my recent articles there, “Are The Bills Better Off Without Losman?” was instantly in the top news results for a Bills-related search. Pretty crazy!

You can just stop by my page there, too, if you’d like:

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Hey Greg!

Thanks for the props and glad you’re so into Bleacher Report. It’s great to see the site catching on and the community grow with all the quality sports writing that BR writers are creating.

Dig the blog, btw. See you on BR

Dave Nemetz
Bleacher Report Team

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