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Bills Lose More Than a Football Game

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Kevin EverettWe were four of the 74,000 fans in attendance at yesterday’s home opener for the Buffalo Bills, and we were four of 74,000 shocked fans at the end of the game thanks to a winning field goal with only one SECOND left on the clock (which was still running down when they snapped the ball!)

Unfortunately, we were also four of 74,000 stunned and silent fans when Kevin Everett made a tackle that may have paralyzed him for the rest of his life. He suffered a cervical spine injury (I believe that’s a neck injury) when he tackled the return man on the opening kickoff of the second half. He was down for around 15 minutes, and when I saw the hit I reacted audibly, thinking it was a super hit. A little too super. The ambulance came out on the field, and I was just hoping he was not dead.

He’s not dead, but I bet he’s scared. A lot.

The Buffalo News reported last night that he had surgery, and the doctors want to wait till later today to make any further diagnoses. We can still hope for the best. Certainly God can heal/restore anything. But for now, it does not look good for this young man. So sad.

We’ll be doing a show tonight, and I’m sure talking about that. Strange how that is in the forefront of the minds of most Bills fans today, rather than the shocking last second loss by one point on a day when the Bills led for 59 min and 59 seconds of the game.

Perhaps our priorities are actually in the right place.