First Impressions of Week One Loss

Estimated reading time: 2 minute(s)

1. Lynch is the real deal! The 4th down conversion and the TD run was purely awesome. I look forward to more of Lynch he and Roscoe were the two best players on the field for the Bills (of course moorman was awesome, but we expect that).

2. Steve Fairchild needs to learn how to call a football game. Our offense looks lame… Not much different from last year’s team we run for two downs and then try and throw… Denver was all over the play calling. The coaching staff needs to let JP audible when there are 10 guys in the box instead of handing off to lynch for 2-3 hard earned yards.

3. Defense is still spending too much time on the field to let Denver recover from 3rd and 23 and then two 4th down conversions. I think they were just tired.

4. We have the best special teams in the NFL. They are the reason this game was close until the last second.

5. Our offense needs to learn to not self destruct when we drive into the opponents side of the field. Lynch saved one drive but everything else was a dud from sacks to penalties. No fault to no foot on the miss, if bone head did not false start that field goal is good.

6. Steve Fairchild gets the dunce of the week for calling a long bomb on 3rd and 5. Duh, Steve we needed a first down.

7. Was i the only one who noticed POS was calling a TO on the 4th and 3 that Cutler ran for a 1st down. I saw him call it a few seconds before the snap. I think the NFL should let something like that get reviewed. Because POS was running towards the sideline judge and Cutler ran the other way the D was not ready because they called a TO. The announcers never mentioned it. Bad call by the refs. I guess in Buffalo we always need something to blame on a loss.

8. Finally, our thoughts and prayers are with K. Everret and his family. Sunday night he is in surgery. That does not sound well. I thought it was a great picture when the whole team gathered in a circle to pray for him. I think this speaks a lot to the unity Dick Jauron has created with this team. Kevin we hope and pray for a full recovery…