Hockey Update

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The Final Four are set. Sabres vs Senators in the East, and Red Wings vs Ducks in the West. 1 vs 4 and 1 vs 2. I would love to see Sabres/Red Wings… just for the Dominik Hasek angle. But the Ducks are FAST (like the Sabres) and can score… would be an exciting Stanley Cup Final.

But wait… we have to beat the SENATORS first. 🙂

The Sens have been playing great. Great goaltending, great defense and they’ve been scoring. That’s about all you can ask. The Sabres will need to play at least at the same level they did since the last 10 minutes of Game 4 in round two. I think they know that now… so they just need to do it. They’ll need to improve their special teams as well. They showed flashes of great penalty killing but the power play was horrendous. (Save for a couple clutch goals in the last two games.)

Here’s the schedule for the Sabres series vs their hated division rival, Ottawa:

  • May 10 – Ott at Buf – 7pm
  • May 12 – Ott at Buf – 8pm
  • May 14 – Buf at Ott – 7pm
  • May 16 – Buf at Ott – 7pm
  • May 19 – Ott at Buf – 2pm*
  • May 21 – Buf at Ott – 7pm*
  • May 23 – Ott at Buf – 7pm*

* – if necessary.

I see the series going at least 6 games… though it wouldn’t surprise me if the Sabres won in less. It would shock me if the Sabres were beaten in less than 6.

They have had one goal since losing in game 7 to Carolina last year. They’re almost there. Four wins to the Stanley Cup Finals. Eight wins to Stanley Cup Champs.

Go Buffalo!!