It’s draft time!

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Hey Buffalo Bills Review Fans!

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to kick it with you and the guys. But, hey, I’m here on the night before the draft to give my thoughts who what The Bills should and could do on draft day.

We all know the Bills need a couple of backers, a solid running back, a corner, some protection for J.P. would be nice and a receiver to go with Lee. But what on earth do they do with that first pick?

I say they need to pull off a deal of some kind to maximize what they could get in the backfield and at the linebacker spot.


Use their first pick at No. 12 to draft Patrick Willis out of Mississippi. You all know the deal. A 4.38 at Pro Day is pretty good. A sleeper pick here would be Penn State’s sensational backer Paul Pozluszny. Pozluszny plays with big time energy and smarts, and would make a nice outside backer to replace Takeo Spikes.

Then, they need to start dealing. The Bills have some attractive choices down the line and should continue talking to the Chargers to try and land running back Michael Turner. I covered Turner “The Burner” when he was at Northern Illinois. He’s a tough runner and is speedy for a back of his size.

He hits the hole. He’s a worker. And he’s ready to be a No. 1 back after playing behind LaDainian Tomlinson. He just signed a one-year deal with San Diego, but he is still attractive trade bait. The Bills are unlikely to take it.

If Chargers GM A.J. Smith doesn’t lower his asking price on Turner (a first-round pick), look for him to stay on the west coast or at least out of B-lo. Turner is an above average back, but what exactly has done to prove he’s worth a first-round pick. WISHFUL THINKING: After not getting what they want, the Chargers settle for the Bills’ No. 43 (second-round) pick and a conditional pick in 2008.

IF THE BILLS DRAFT a running back in the second round, it’s likely that Ohio State’s Antonio Pittman would be available at No. 43 overall. He could be a steal for the Bills at this spot, and (dare I say) could turn out to be another Thurman Thomas. Boy, don’t we like to live in Buffalo Bills past.

***Speaking of the past, Saturday will be the first time I’ve seen Bruce Smith in a while. Bruce is going to announce the Bills’ first-round pick. Smith, a former Hokie, was invited to the draft as a part of the NFL’s “Salute to Virginia Tech” after the school’s tragedy.***

Look for them to fill holes throughout the rest of the draft, possibly trying to trade or move up to get a solid corner. Stacking the front seven should be the most important thing at this point with so many losses, but the Bills seem to have some confidence in their current linebacking corps.

FINAL THOUGHTS (Let’s play “What if…”)
1. What if the Bills traded up and drafted Brady Quinn. Would you be mad? I wouldn’t.
2. What if the Bills traded down and got two first-round picks. With them, they chose Cal running back Marshawn Lynch and Pozluszny.
3. What if the Bills traded up to take Adrian Peterson. Would it be worth what they’d have to give up with the running back position being so deep this year?
4. How ticked off would you be if the Bills drafted an offensive tackle with their first pick? Or their second pick?

Have fun watching the draft! We want to see how YOU think the draft went. Send us your letter grades on each of the Bills’ draft picks and your thoughts.

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