NFL Draft 2007

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NFL LogoToday is the big NFL Draft! Well, today and tomorrow. The Bills have 8 draft picks in the 7 rounds this year. They should be able to get some pretty decent players. (Last season, all the players we drafted made the team, and most made pretty significant contributions.)

The funny part about the draft for the Bills is that they NEVER pick who ANYONE thinks they are going to! Ha! Last year with pick #8 we picked Donte Whitner and not one single prognosticator had forecast HIM as our #1 pick. Or ANYONE’S #1 PICK for that matter. 🙂

So, there may be trades, there will be shock and surprise once pick #12 is announced… but it will be fun. And Marv and Co. will add some great talent to our already talented young team! The Bills will surprise people this year. I (almost) guarantee it. 🙂