The John Review – Week 10

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Houston, we have a problem.

Sorry I didn’t get one out last week, I’ve had some difficulties (and been MIA). If you want I’ll still post my thoughts on the one point blowout, but on to this past week’s “grass truly is greener on the last minute comeback win side of the fence” game against the Texans.

What I meant by that last statement is what I’ve been saying all along, that Buffalo is truly a special team, perhaps a miracle team. A miracle team for whomever they are playing (Music city miracle, Super Bowl XXV, the last 5 years, the list goes on). Finally this week, we managed to inflict pain and suffering on somebody else for a change.

Whenever we talk about a win it is important to give credit where credit is due, and today’s “The John Review Game Ball” goes to me, for not giving up. Sure you could say JP Losman and his offense didn’t give up either and won the game in the last two minutes, but I’m not getting paid for it.

So I was the big highlight for today and then the runners up I guess are Nate “guys, I’m seriously worth the money, trust me” Clements. He was all over Houston’s receivers in the first quarter like the Dog on a sex offender, and Lee “who’s Eric Moulds?” Evans, who had a record-breaking day. My guess is Fairchild took him aside and said, “I’m going to level with you Lee, could you try to get open, JP’s obviously going to throw to you even if all 11 defensemen are covering you at once.”

I have to give JP some credit too. I have been one of the few that believes in the kid and think if you put him behind a line that was actually capable of stopping a blitzing NFL linebacker (our line couldn’t stop Steven Hawking), he might play closer to basic competence. Look how excited Bills fans get when he completes a pass.

Sadly, other than the beginning and end of the game, the rest of the defense really wasn’t that great, considering Carr set an NFL completion record, and our ability to stop the run is… haha sorry I can’t even talk about our run defense with a straight face. I know Levy said it was important to have a smaller line that was fast and able to get to the ball, but he seemed to forget that especially on the run they don’t have to get to the ball, the ball comes to them, they just have to stop it.

Lastly, I need to mention Rob Royal. Rob Royal is the tight end we picked up in free agency this year to replace Mark Campbell. Royal was supposed to have good hands so he could be used as more of a receiving tight end rather than just a blocking tight end. The problem is, Venus DeMillo has better hands (and she’s a girl). Oh well I met him; he’s still a nice guy.

This coming week we take on Jacksonville as we try to put together the longest winning streak of the season (two games). I don’t know much about them, but I hear it’ll be close. Go Bills!

-The John