The John Review – Week 8

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Sent them packing.

Let me start off with my usual setting of the scene: I was there. Packers fans infiltrated Ralph Wilson stadium, sparking comments by passing Bills fans like, “I’ve never seen so many of the other team’s jerseys.” It was reminiscent of a Sabres/Leafs game in HSBC where so many Toronto fans have seemed to move right in and make themselves at home. I was worried there would be confusion as to who the home team really was.

My friend Dave and I had really kickin’ seats in the lower level just off the 35-yard line. The stadium filled up and it was time for kickoff.

First play of the game Terence Mcgee made quite an impression. However it was the Bills offensive line to save the day for Green Bay’s defense as they incurred a false start penalty and the first (of many) sacks on Man-tan Losman.

The Bills continued to embody the philosophy that it’s better to be lucky than good, as the offense played the first three quarters. During that time I found myself happy to see the defense take the field (despite the capabilities of the dangerous Brett Farve) because they were so much more fun to watch. Don’t get me wrong I still believe Losman could be the guy, but I was the one that started the stadium sweeping “Nall Ball” chant just because I was so bored with the current offensive setup. In hindsight I’m glad Dick didn’t listen to me, but man the O-line better start preparing their resumes.

I also have to mention I like the A-train. He has that old fashion, “tackle me and I’ll make you pay for it” run-through style that is quite the opposite of future “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Willis McGahee (as far as I know he won’t really be on the show, but he does do a lot of dancing). I know the BBR guys pointed out A-train has more TDs than McGahee, and that really shouldn’t be a surprise (actually, London Fletcher-Baker has more TDs than McGahee), since the plow-through style is more productive than the run-around style on the goal line.

Bottom line: Bills finally got the job done, but they need an unholy amount of improvement if we’re even going to make it a game against the monster Colts next week. I know BBR_Greg called for an upset and I would love to have that kind of faith, but Payton Manning is in every commercial ever for a reason, and that reason is he’s amazing. If we keep the ball on the ground and out of Manning’s hands, we have a shot of making it a game. If Miami can do it to Chicago then we have a shot. Besides, I’d like to think anything Miami can do we can do better. Go Bills.

-The John

SIDE NOTE: as mentioned on the show this week (thanks Greg), I was at the game and recorded some audio highlights from myself, my friend Dave and the much intoxicated people around me. I made a short montage and will post that hopefully before Tuesday. Hope you enjoy it.

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i think you guys lack some football analysis in the podcast, other than the obvious visual and statistical facts. i would like to know some interesting facts or individual matchups you guys saw were good, bad, what not. constructive critism, it seems like you guys never really find fault in anything, and its always nice to see two people debate points, and more interesting. youre guys’ podcast is just a repeat of what conversations every bills fan has after the game and its just kinda bland…

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