The John Review – Week 2

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This Tuna’s not Dolphin-Safe.

Here’s The John Review of Week 2. I got a random text message today from an old friend who lives in Wisconsin (big time Packers fan). And all it said was, “wow the Bills don’t suck.” Perhaps there is more to this team than shows up on paper.

I’ll admit, when I woke up this morning I had really low hopes. Troy Vincent and Matt Bowen were out. Takeo Spikes was out, and we had rookies starting all over the place against a well-respected, high power offense, about to perform their home opener.

It’s fair to say the only people who picked Buffalo this week were the guys from the Buffalo Bills Review. Here were some of the things that stood out to me.

ROOKIE SAFETIES! I have a strong feeling that by the end of this season, nobody will be asking the question, “Who is Donte Whitner?” Granted, he’s not amazing yet, but for a rookie he’s holding his own very nicely. Same with Simpson. The whole game I kept chanting “Rookie Safeties! Rookie Safeties!” Both of them made plays and not mistakes.

I think it’s obvious that the defense played stellar for 4 quarters. Granted a shutout would have been nice, but let’s not be greedy. Ryan Denny’s 1st half hat trick was nothing short of inspiring. Tripplet looked quick and Crowell continues to prove he’s a starter.

The offense… needs work. A lot of work. I’m impressed that Fairchild played as conservatively as he did. Running the ball in critical situations is the exact right thing to do with a maturing QB. Even Rothlesburger didn’t throw that much during his rookie year.

Special teams brought another proud tear to my eye. Brian Moorman was less than stellar last week but this week he showed why Buffalo is the only team in the league where you can buy their punter’s jersey at a retail store (which is exactly what I did. Go #8!). And Wire’s punt block was a perfect summation of how the day was going for Miami.

Finally, I need to mention the field. Why are the conditions at Ralph Wilson Stadium so much better than two large market teams in our division? Can Miami really not afford a dedicated football stadium? According to a friend of mine who lives in FL and was at the game it also “smelled like rotten fish” which I guess is appropriate considering how the dolphins played.

Well that’s it for me today. I’m going to crack open a can of non-dolphin safe tuna, and call my Miami supporting cousin to gloat. I look forward to next week when we can play on a real field and avenge last year’s season closer.

Take care,
-The John

P.S. What’s up with the Sabres new uniforms? Are they trying to be the Bruins for Halloween?