The John Review – Week 5

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That was some serious dropping of the soap.

I was expecting the Bears to win the day, but I was hoping we would go down swinging, maybe take a couple of them with us, frustrate the crowd and have everybody say, “wow the Bills really put up a good fight.”


The only disappointment we put on the Chicago crowd was ending their lack of touchdowns record. Don’t get me wrong, that’s still pretty cool. It’s just too bad the Bears scored 40 points before that.

This week was a good test for our young squad and if we’re going to have one blowout this year there is no better team to have it against. I think we learned a lot from this game, and incase we didn’t I’m going to point out the things we should have learned from this game.

First the positives, JP (Man-tan) had… Willis made a really nice… How about that catch from… Never mind.

On to the negatives, Jason Peters in the off chance you read this, please please please learn the snap count! It can’t possibly be that hard since I know from experience they drill it into your head when you play peewee football.

Man-tan, I know Chicago and Buffalo’s uniforms look exactly the same (not really), you need to throw to guys wearing your jersey, you’ve been so good about that lately too, what happened?

Mike Schneck, I thought you went to the pro bowl? What was up with that really low snap?

Nate Clements, time to go back to “tackling school.”

All of Buffalo’s defensive backs, time to go back to “catching interceptions school.”

All of Buffalo’s defense, time to go back to “not being slow school.”

Maybe the Bills didn’t get the memo that the game started at 1:00PM, especially since the offense didn’t show up until the last drive of the game.

However, before we take all of our merchandise back to the Bills Store, it is important to understand how rare it is that a team wipes its entire administration and most of its coaching staff, starts five rookies on defense, tries to mature an inexperienced QB and wins the super bowl (and by “rare” I mean “will never happen ever”). This was the worst possible conditions for any team and it’s a good thing our young squad could get that experience. Put it behind us and move forward, we’re still better than the Dolphins.

Finally, I usually don’t focus much on the opposing team, but I need to point out that cheap shot Brian Urlacher put on Losman when the Bears were up 40 to nothing was pretty classless. I know the Bears fans booed the roughing the passer call, but come on. 40-0 and your guy is taking a cheap shot at the other team’s QB? Bogus.

Hopefully next week we should win the day in Detroit, putting us back at .500. I think it will be a game though, I don’t trust Kitna, he’s a great QB.

I know this is a football site and a football column, but I just have to mention something that could help with our collective depression this week. If you are a Buffalo fan and haven’t really followed hockey, give it a shot this year. Saturday was my birthday and I want to thank the Buffalo Sabres for giving me that win over Ottawa, and Montreal and especially Carolina (I know it wasn’t for me personally since none of them know me, but I did go to high school with some of Tom Golisano’s grandkids [one of them is a good friend of my sister’s], so a guy can dream right?) The Sabres are 3-0, beating some of the best teams in the NHL (including the Stanley cup defenders). At least for me, it has taken some of the edge off. Go Sabres!

…Oh yeah and Go Bills!

-The John