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The Ultimate Showdown?

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Could Super Bowl XLIV feature two undefeated teams??
It has been a dismal season for my favorite professional sports franchise. (It was actually kind of difficult to label them “professional” just now…) There are some reasons beyond likely their control (an insane amount of serious injuries to some of their best players) but overall they continue their bumbling ways. It will be surprising if they reach as high as 7 wins this year. (They have been 7-9 for the past three seasons in a row!)

So, I have mostly lost all interest in the NFL season due to their ineptitude. However, there is one potentially amazing story line that has my interest…

After coming from 17 points behind in their game Sunday night, the Colts remained undefeated at 9-0. It was a stunning turn of events (and the game featured two teams that are CLEARLY far superior to the team I watch every week…) culminating with Indianapolis preserving their so-far unblemished record.

A couple weeks ago, in the other conference, a similarly talented team posted their own incredible come-from-behind win as the New Orleans Saints defeated Miami 46-34, after being behind by 21 points! Incredible!!

Both teams do have a few tough games remaining, but so far it hasn’t seemed that anyone can actually finish 60 minutes with more points than them. Both have great QBs (with other fine supporting offensive players) and solid defenses that make big plays when needed.

And they are both in different conferences, which means they won’t play each other until a possible Super Bowl showdown.

Here are their remaining schedules:

at Baltimore
at Houston
at Jacksonville
NY Jets
at Buffalo
New Orleans
at Tampa Bay
New England
at Washington
at Atlanta
Tampa Bay
at Carolina

Obviously, going undefeated is always an almost impossible task, but New Orleans seems to have the tougher road to get there. Playing the Patriots, and playing four division games (against pretty tough opponents). Both teams finish on the road (but so far this season opposing teams are 3-1 in Buffalo, and that likely won’t improve much before their January 2nd contest there.)

It will be tough, but it’s definitely possible that this year’s Super Bowl could feature not just one but two undefeated teams playing for the Lombardi trophy, and the first 19-0 season!

That’s what I’m rooting for… Go Saints and Colts!

(Although, I’m pretty happy for my “other” home team, the Bengals. They’re having a pretty fun season, too. So, if either of those teams has already lost… I’m rooting for Cincinnati!) 🙂