TheRunDown: Franchise Tags, New Coaches

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The Rundown
A weekly feature from the Buffalo Bills Review where we’ll collect some of the headlines from One Bills Drive and offer our take on the latest Bills’ news.

Hey fellow Bills fans, due to an extremely busy schedule this week, the RunDown will be more of a do-it-yourself version this week. 🙂 We at the Buffalo Bills Review have of course been following the latest Bills happenings this week, and I did some research this morning for you. But, the best I can do for TheRunDown is to provide links below to articles and other things that might interest you as a Bills fan. Unfortunately, that is all I have time for today!

Have fun clicking!

Nate Clements, Franchise Player?

Q & A with Steve Fairchild – Where do you start with the #28 offense from last year?

Bills hire coaches:

*Interestingly, Coiner was hired as the TE coach, but Mike Miller is (or, was?) currently listed as TE coach from Mike Mularkey’s staff – there was no announcement that he was let go…

Interactive Depth Chart – Follow the Bills off-season moves

PRO BOWL: Moorman, 4 punts, avg 48.5yds, long 59 yds

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