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The Rundown
A weekly feature from the Buffalo Bills Review where we’ll collect some of the headlines from One Bills Drive and offer our take on the latest Bills’ news.

OSU Cowboy Thurman ThomasNo Sooner A Cowboy…
Still No HOF

OK. First order of business. I need to apologize to our wonderful, faithful, and alert BBR readers out there… I made a serious error in last week’s RunDown. Now, cut me some slack. I was writing it hastily at 1:00 in the morning before an early morning departure for a weekend musical performance. I was not researching as much as I usually do, and at 1 in the morning, the whole play on words with the Sooner thing seemed like a good angle on the story. Never mind that it wasn’t true. πŸ™‚ Actually, I really just completely forgot. I knew it was Oklahoma, but I forgot the state part. Now, being a Michigan STATE University alum, I COMPLETELY understand how that error would be appalling. I would never want any of our great athletes to be called Wolverines!!! Ewww!

So, please accept my apologies for such an oversight.

Now, OSU COWBOY Thurman Thomas was passed over for this year’s Hall of Fame class. While it is rare for first-year eligible candidates to be voted in, Thurman did have the credentials to be elected. I’d look for Thurman to have a bust in Canton as early as next year’s HOF class. Still, it would have been nice to see Thurman, with all his NFL accomplishments, be one of the rare exceptions for first-timers.

One of the big deciding factors was probably (unfortunately) the fact that in four tries, Thurman (And the Bills) never won a Super Bowl. There was an article in the Buffalo News this week about Andre Reed’s chances for the Hall of Fame. Obviously a great receiver, and deserving of the honor, but no Super Bowl victory. I do not think this is a legitimate benchmark of who makes the Hall of Fame, and I’m sure there are many players in the Hall who do not have Super victories. However, it seems fairly obvious that the absence of any Super Bowl wins will factor in the decision for players like Thomas, Reed, Steve Tasker, Darryl Talley, etc.

Well, as they say, there’s always next year. (We’re pretty good at saying that in Buffalo, eh?)

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Bills Continue Restructuring of Front Office
In an effort to streamline the organization, the Bills continue to revamp and re-organize their front office staff. This week the Bills announced that four current staff have been given the title Vice President. Joe Frandina, with the Bills since 1995, will become the new Vice President of Stadium Operations. Peter Guelli, with the Bills since 1998, will be the Vice President of Business Development. Marc Honan, who joined the Bills in 1997, will be the Vice President of Marketing and Broadcasting. Long-time executive, Bill Munson, who has been with the Bills for 34 years, will become the Vice President of Public Affairs. Previously, Munson’s title was Vice President/Operations. David Wheat, most recently with the Bills since 2003, has been named Vice President of Operations and Ticketing. Wheat also served with the Bills from 1997-2000. And, Scott Berchtold will remain in his position as Vice President of Communications. He has held that position since 1989.

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Bills Need To Find a LB Coach… Again
In an interesting turn of events, the Bills new Linebackers Coach is now their old Linebackers Coach. Johnnie Holland, less than a week after he was announced as the Bills new LB Coach accepted the same offer from the Houston Texans. Holland cited personal reasons for this decision.

“It’s an opportunity for me to go back home and be close to my family,” quotes the Buffalo News, in an interview by phone with Holland. “I grew up in the Houston area. My wife grew up in Texas. My parents are getting older. My wife’s mom is getting older, and it’s a rare chance for us to go home.”

So, the coaching carousel continues. Stay tuned for further developments. πŸ™‚

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Bits and Pieces
Several stories fit the random news category this week. Here they are in no particular order.

  • With the 2005 season officially over (except for the Pro Bowl this Sunday), thoughts turn toward next season. Free agency becomes a primary focus. Who to cut, who to keep. How much cap room will the Bills have to shop for new players? And then there’s the draft. Levy and Polian and Butler always put together great drafts. Can Levy do it again? The website had an interesting article on the Bills plan for rebuilding. Click here to read what they had to say.
  • reports this week that Former Bills OL Mike Devlin has taken a coaching position with the NY Jets. Devlin spent seven seasons in the NFL, mostly with the Bills, and also as a Cardinal. Most recently, he was coaching the Toledo Rockets.
  • LINKS: Reminders are always good, so here you go. If you scroll down the side bar, you’ll see a list of helpful links. As I was browsing the Bills news today, as I do often through the week, I thought, “I bet some of our listeners would enjoy doing this very same thing…” So, scroll down and check out our links. I recommend in order (for the latest Bills news): (1), (2), and (3) Then of course, there’s always the Buffalo News sports section, and the Buffalo Bills website. Both good sources of Bills news as well.
  • Don’t forget, two Bills will be in action this Sunday evening at 6pm on ESPN. If the AFC punts, you’ll see Mike Schneck and Brian Moorman out there doing the Bills proud! πŸ™‚

That’s a wrap for the this edition of TheRunDown. If you have any Bills news from this week, or comments on stuff we covered here, please add your comments below!

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