Week 3 Review

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1. If the outcome of this game was a surprise to you, wake up…
2. Lynch continues to impress on an unimpressive offense.
3. Steve Fairchild has to go! The sooner the better.
4. This game was over the moment Poz went down. We are in real trouble with all the injuries on defense.
5. Expect to start hearing disgruntled talk from Lee Evans. Rightly so, Steve Fairchild is not trying to get Lee involved in the offensive play calling is horrible.
6. Rich Gannon was right our offense needs a lot of work and it starts with the coaches.
7. For a moment we all thought we can win this game (when it was 7-3). Then Poz goes down and Brady shows why he is a Super Bowl MVP.
8. The Pats may be cheaters, but they still are the best team in the NFL and we are one of the worst.
9. I thought we might be able to beat the Jets, but with all the injuries it is not possible. I think if we were healthy on defense a lot could be and would be different so far this year.

One reply on “Week 3 Review”

Hey Dave. Always like your perspective. It’s almost completely opposite of mine, so it helps to balance, for sure. 🙂

I do think you’re right on with #2, #3, #7, and #9. Especially the last one. The injuries are just amazing. Almost like a joke. Have never seen anything this bad… especially so concentrated on one side of the ball?

AND… SF has to go! Maybe you could get that domain? 🙂

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